Normally, we’d avoid the name dropping.

But when it comes to CRYOTHERAPY, and the names vouching for it are the world’s greatest athletes, we think it only makes sense to help spread the word.


Lebron James. Kobe Bryant. Steph Curry. Cristiano Ronaldo. Usain Bolt. Serena Williams. 

Not only are these elite athletes at the top of their game, they all rely on Cryotherapy to keep them there. 

Jennifer Aniston. Daniel Craig. Will Smith. Mandy Moore. Jessica Alba. 

These A list actors are not only famous, talented, and extremely active, they also rely on Cryotherapy to keep them looking and feeling great. 

Perform better + Look great = killer combo. 

Even if you’re not an elite athlete or an A list celebrity, we all want a little of what they’ve got going on. 

True North Cryo has it all. 

We call cryotherapy THE ULTIMATE CHILL because it offers the ultimate results.

Here’s a taste of what a 3 minute cryo session can do for you: 

  • Burn up to 800 calories – about as much as a 60‐minute run.

  • Repair and soothe injured or aching muscles.

  • Reduce inflammation throughout body.

  • Boost energy and endorphin levels.

  • Reverse the signs of aging, reducing wrinkles and cellulite.

  • Boost immune system.

  • Accelerate metabolism for weight maintenance.

  • Improved mental health.

  • Boost immune system.

  • Accelerate metabolism for weight maintenance.

  • Improved mental health.

Yes, please. 

The theory behind cryotherapy is simple. When you step into the -200 degree Fahrenheit temp of our state‐of‐the‐art Cryo Sauna, the intense cold tricks your body to kick into “preservation mode.”In this mode, blood is pumped from the outer limbs to the vital organs for insulation. =The most vital organ, the heart, reoxygenates the large influx of blood.

When you leave our open‐topped Cryo Sauna, this enriched blood is pumped back through your body, which provides increased energy, enhanced cell renewal and the myriad of benefits listed above.

What’s up with the crazy calorie burn? It’s also simple. The cold accelerates your metabolic processes, and torches up to 800 calories per session. 

How do you look better? Cryo boosts collagen levels, giving you healthier, younger-looking skin. 

How do you perform better? Cryo aides in recovery from intense workouts. 

How do you feel better? Endorphins, baby. Cryo triggers the body to release endorphins, giving you a natural, euphoric high. Oh, and those jacked endorphins levels can last for weeks. 

Picture yourself at the end of a long week, tired, spent. Just a 3 minute cryo session serves as a pick-me-up that rejuvenates you to get the most out of your weekend.

If you’re new to cryo, we got you. At True North Cryo, our expertly trained staff will guide you through your cryo session. You’re monitored every second you’re in the sauna, and we give your extremities some love with fresh robe, socks, slippers, and gloves. 

You’ll leave True North Cryo feeling absolutely invigorated. 




Join us at True North Cryo for THE ULTIMATE CHILL!